Permanent Portfolio 2nd Quarter 2016 Newsletter

This is the portfolio that just keeps on performing on both sides of the equation.  It will certainly be difficult to find a portfolio that has performed as well as Permanent Portfolio so far in 2016 while providing significant downside protection in the form of lowered volaility and therefore a very smooth ride for investors.  The second quarter of 2016 took a great handoff from Q1 and ran with it to the tune of a +5.18% return for the U.S. portfolio and a +4.43% return for the Canadian portfolio in the year's second quarter.  What is even more impressive is the fact these returns were achieved while portfolio volatility decreased at the same time!  In other words, Permanent Portfolio investors saw their wealth grow substantially while also seeing the downside protection increase during a period where the Brexit vote rocked global markets and increased volatility across the board!  Simply Amazing.  Let's take a look at this quarter's newsletter for more!

Permanent Portfolio 2nd Quarter 2016 Newsletter

How can we help you understand Permanent Portfolio and how it can fit in to your overall wealth management plan?  While we have seen an increase in Permanent Portfolio investment over the second quarter, we will not heal in our attempts to put Permanent Portfolio into the hands of investors whose financial goal is to protect and grow their wealth.  Permanent Portfolio has a 44 year history of doing just that.  On top of hosting in-person lunch presentations at our office we are offering to bring lunch to your place of business to assist you and your colleagues in understanding the benefits of owning Permanent Portfolio.  If you wish to take us up on our offer or to request more information on Permanent Portfolio and it's history of success, please contact the Kemp Family Wealth Management Group at 519-646-5712, alan.kemp [at]

, or tweet us @KempFamWealthMG.  You will not regret it.

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