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Canadian and US 10 Stock Portfolio Strategy

Learn about how we customize SIA's powerful relative strength analysis to build and manage both Canadian and US 10 Stock Portfolios.  Own the strongest stocks and rotate with the market as leadership changes.  These model portfolios also incorporate SIA's proprietary "Equity Action Call" to manage overall market risk.  The objective is to deliver significant outperformance vs. their respective benchmark index.  Our approach is systematic and disciplined which removes emotion from the decision-making process.  You will learn how we were able to significantly grow assets in the past year using these strategies.

Permanent Portfolio

Learn how an incredibly simple, balanced investment portfolio has delivered positive returns in 39 of the last 45 years.  As a compliment to a typical asset allocation portfolio, Permanent Portfolio has delivered solid upside but what truly sets Permanent Portfolio apart from the rest is it's downside protection.  Imagine a balanced portfolio that fell less than 2% during the most recent monster bear market that was 2008.  Permanent Portfolio does not attempt to predict any market.  Instead, it holds four specifically chosen asset classes at least one of which will respond well to the current economic phase.  This is the "secret" of the strategy and why it works.  No forecasts, predictions or guessing.  Just a systematic, objective, efficient  portfolio that also comes with one of the lowest fee structures you will find in the investment management business!


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These presentations are done AT YOUR REQUEST!  You name the time and place and we will be happy to bring lunch or dinner for you to enjoy.  Please contact Alan Kemp, Portfolio Manager & Senior Investment Advisor at alan.kemp [at] or by telephone at 519-646-5712 to arrange your presentation.  Furthermore, if you wish to receive up to date performance reports on any of our model portfolios please let us know and we will be happy to provide this information in advance.  We hope to talk to you soon!




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