What We Offer

Solutions As Unique As You!

 Our services are as diverse and all-encompassing as the needs of the clients we serve.  

Everyone benefits from our Discretionary Portfolio Management Services including access to our tailored Asset Allocation model portfolios based on your personal risk tolerance.  We’ll also incorporate our proprietary 10 Stock Portfolio models and introduce you to the benefits of Permanent Portfolio for those clients who desire a simple, disciplined, cost and tax efficient strategy to compliment our model portfolios.  Our Portfolio Manager Designation also allows all clients access to alternative investment strategies normally only accessable to the wealthiest of investors.


Our Fees are competitive and transparent.  We utilize an advice-based model in order to provide the most transparent and tax efficient portfolio management service available.  "My Wealth - Discretionary" features family pricing based on dynamic tiered rates designed to provide the lowest cost to the benefit of ALL family members including grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren.  You pay no trade fees and no registered account annual administration fees.  We will also explain in detail the fees you see and the fees you don't see inside the various investment vehicles we choose to utilize in our model portfolio.

Oh, and we will send you Quarterly Performance Reports so you are always keenly aware of how you're doing!


But that’s just the beginning!

Our in house Financial and Estate Planning specialists are ready to answer the most commonly asked questions “will I have enough money to retire” and “how can I ensure a legacy to my heirs”.  For the most sophisticated Financial and Estate plans we recommend our Integrated Financial Planning service which includes a detailed, comprehensive view of your personal and business assets assembled by a multidisciplinary team of National Bank Financial Group experts.

Is your mortgage coming up for renewal?  We can get you the best service and rate the bank has to offer.  And we can bring the bank to you!  Whether you wish to review your personal or business banking services or lines of credit we can help.

Risk management is also a priority and generally goes hand in hand with your Financial Plan.  Protecting your portfolio and family from unforeseen risks, maximizing retirement income, and estate planning are but a few examples of the most common issues requiring solutions.

Let’s get started!

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To learn more, call us at 877-446-5711 or brenton.kemp [at] nbc.ca (email)